Appreciate the high quality of the provided brokerage services

Conventus Group team successfully works to create the best trading conditions for traders and private investors. The result has already been evaluated by over 260,000 registered users.

What goals does the Conventus Group team have in mind

Establish the most efficient support service 24/7
The team is working on expanding the customer support department, providing 24/7 consultation in many languages.
Take first place in Europe, Asia and CIS by number of traders served
Every day Conventus Group registers several thousand new users. Soon, the broker will be able to conquer new heights.
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There are no restrictions for CFD trading

Trade in one click with a successful broker who has optimized trading conditions and created more opportunities for beginners and experienced traders.

History of Conventus Group

Brand birth and first successes
In 2017, a team of professional traders and IT specialists created the Conventus Group brand. In just a couple of months, the broker was able to attract tens of thousands of new users who were satisfied with the trading conditions and quality of service.
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Asian market expansion and international awards
The Company continues to expand its geographic presence, discovering the Asian market. In addition, Conventus Group has received two international awards.
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Updated trading platform and record financial results
The team of IT specialists has updated the terminal for trading, making it even more functional. The company also reported a record turnover of trading operations (over 100 million dollars a day).
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Approval of the development strategy until 2025
The team of experts worked hard to work out a plan of optimization of trading conditions and improvement of brokerage services quality for years ahead. Since the beginning of the year, the Conventus Group brand has also received an international award.
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Modern trading platform with clear interface

One-click trading
Quotes are transmitted in real time
Access to trade 24/7
Execution of orders up to 29 milliseconds
No vomiting or slipping
Protection against negative balance
Leverage from 1:1 to 1:500